Fuel / Diesel Management Service

Hassle free fuel management service to efficiently manage fuel requirements at your site.

Unicel Autotech offers an efficient and prompt fuel management service to all industries, catering to both planned and emergency needs.

Would you like the assurance of an uninterrupted fuel supply?

By placing an order with us, you can have peace of mind as we will monitor your usage and operational reliability. Our fuel management services eliminate the hassle of managing your fuel supply, allowing you to focus on other core areas of your business.

Regardless of whether you are a construction site or a large manufacturing plant, we provide solutions that deliver fuel and diesel directly to your usage points. As per your specific request and requirements, we closely monitor your fuel supply and arrange for delivery on short notice, ensuring that you will never run out of fuel again.

Benefits of Fuel Management Service from Unicel Autotech

  • Eliminate concerns regarding future fuel delivery scheduling.
  • Experience hassle-free transportation and handling of diesel/fuel on site.
  • Securely store up to 2KL of fuel in approved tanks.
  • No need to obtain approval from CCOE/PESO as we operate within regulatory limits.
  • Our nationwide network of fuel suppliers enables us to offer on-location service wherever you may be located.
  • Enjoy a single point of contact from purchase to fuel delivery.
  • Seamless payment options for your convenience.
  • Our GPS-enabled tracking system, along with calibrated meters and dispensing units, ensures accurate fuel measurement and delivery.